Maxi Bodycon Long Sleeve Dress Chest Pocket Flaps YELLOW

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Creating the vintage style look is easy to do when you have a dress like this one in your wardrobe. The maxi length of the dress is perfect to help you stay warm when it is getting colder outside. The half turtleneck style of the dress is loose fitting in contrast to the rest of the dress. Bodycon fit, this vertical ribbed dress is going to help you to show off all your curves. Pockets on both sides of the chest feature a snap closure flap to provide you with the vintage look of a military style dress. Sash tie is in the same color of the rest of the dress and provides you with the option to tighten the dress even more around the waist to add another dimension to your look. Long sleeves feature a fitted cuff, so you can choose how long you’re going to wear them. Choose from seven different colors to assure you’re going to get the look you’re going for.